BLISCO has grown over the last two decades as the technology market has changed.

Originally established in the 1980’s as Bill Looper Instrument Service COmpany, BLISCO provided bench and on site calibration services, installation, repair, and maintenance of instrumentation, to municipal and industrial clients in the Texas and Oklahoma area.

In the 1990’s BLISCO was the Bill Looper Industrial Service COmpany as Bill’s son Shannon joined the team and services expanded to include programming and IT services.

In the 2000’s BLISCO dropped the instrument service business to focus on the expansion of software in the industrial control and SCADA markets. BLISCO continues to offer programming services using Wonderware’s suite of products, database design, development, and integration, as well as custom web based reporting and data gathering to our industrial and municipal clients..

2013 – Keeping up with the trends in software, BLISCO started offering custom website development to the general market.



Bill Looper – founder

Bill was well known in the industrial controls world in north Texas.  Bill spent twenty six years in the US military in the Marine Corps and the Air Force, working in Aviation Electronics and eventually managing the Precision Equipment and Measurement Labs. Bill retired from the military in 1972 and subsequently translated his expertise into a second career in industrial controls. Bill worked for many system integrators and for hundreds of clients over the years. He was always ready to teach and mentor and consequently made a positive and lasting impact on many in his industry.  Bill passed away in 1997 and is interred at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.


Shannon Looper – owner

Shannon joined BLISCO in 1994 after earning a BS in Electronics Engineering.  His interest in programming has led him to take on diverse projects and positions in the software development world.  In the late 90s Shannon took a position with Standard Automation, now Wonderware West, where he gained a deep mastery of Wonderware’s suit of products. Always looking for a new challenge, Shannon went on to work with a dot com startup, contributing to teams developing a web based retail store management application for the largest retail pharmacy chain in England, and a custom business process management tool based on the BPML standard. He went on to join another startup that developed a web based ERP system for Texas k-12 schools.  He has also continued to work with several systems integrators as a Wonderware and SCADA programmer. Shannon brings his experience with many environments and technologies to each project, with a strong  commitment to his customer’s success.