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Web –

Websites, web applications, integration, enhancements, modifications, hosting

All our web sites are developed with responsive design, which means they will look good on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. This site,, is a responsive design. Open it on your phone or tablet and you can see how it adjust to fit the device.



We can host your site whether we developed it or not. For $120 a year, pre-paid, you get hosting on a first tier provider, and we monitor and manage the hosting. That means on the rare occasion when there is an issue with hosting, we take care of it. We are your single point of contact and you never have to deal with tech support, just us.



These are all responsive web sites so try them on your mobile device to see how they automatically adapt to the different size screens.

Cowan Consulting Services

High Country Neighborhood Association

Robison Bankruptcy Law

The Wise Scribe


Web presence package:

Web presence package includes:  1) a static web site,  2) a FaceBook page, 3) a Google+ page, 4) valid Google maps location and details, 5) all of these with the same design elements and message, and linked together

reference client – The Law Office of Leonard J. Robison II

Static Website:

FaceBook page:  Robison Bankruptcy Law

Google+ page:   Leonard J Robison II

Google maps:   Leonard J Robison II



IoT, SCADA, and Industrial Specific Software

Wonderware –

General – installation/maintenance/upgrade software,  network and connectivity,  troubleshooting,  system design consulting

InTouch – HMI development, maintenance, customization, modification

Historian – integration, database programming, reporting, data exporting/importing

Industrial Application Server – programming, integration, customization


MS SQL Server –

Database design, programming, troubleshooting, reporting


Web –

Reporting, data collection